The Best Mold Inspection in Philadelphia

Many people have the tendency to panic when they see signs of mold in their home. They have good reason to. The reason for this is because mold presents an ever present danger to the people inhabiting that home. Mold does not just affect homes. It affects schools, gyms, offices, and other enclosed buildings. Mold is also found in many trucks, cars, and other vehicles. When a person is exposed to mold, they can develop a slew of health complications such as asthma attacks, skin allergies, and respiratory diseases, even to people who do not have allergies and pre-existing respiratory conditions. This is why if you have a home or office, you should immediately seek the services of a mold inspection service who have individuals who are certified and experienced at conducting mold inspection in your home. It is of great importance that you act immediately for mold takes 24 to 48 hours to develop and grow in many parts of your home. Many times, mold will grow in areas that are almost impossible to check such as inside your walls, in your basement, and even inside certain household appliances. If you are living in Philadelphia, the best mold inspection service is Philadelphia Mold Inspection. Contact them now to rid your home of this nasty fungus.

Mold inspection

When you have not had your home checked for a significant period of time, it is safe to suspect that there is mold growing and developing inside and outside your home. This is when you hire a mold inspection service. A mold inspection service is a service comprised of highly skilled individuals who are experienced at finding and dealing with all types of mold. They visit your home or office to conduct a visual inspection to all rooms, bathrooms, attics, and basements as well as even the outside of your home. Mold inspection is becoming a very popular service done in most homes because mold is simply dangerous to people who are exposed to it.

Our mold inspection service

In Philadelphia, we pride ourselves in being the most effective mold inspectors around. We do not just inspect for signs of mold, we also locate the source of mold so that future growth and development is prevented. Our service is comprised of professionals whom we hire because they have exceeded our expectations by having the necessary certification and experience required at locating and dealing with the hazards of mold. Our representatives effectively conduct their inspection by making sure that precautions are taken at containing mold spores during each and every process of inspection. The inspection process is as follows:

  • When our representatives arrive at your home, they will interview you to collect background data on your existing mold problem. If you do not have any clue about this, do not worry. Our representatives do this as protocol in the event that a home owner has specific knowledge about their mold condition. Information that our representatives will need to collect are as follows:
    • Building age
    • Construction style
    • History of damage
    • Ventilation
    • Humidity level
  • The next step that they do is to conduct a room by room visual inspection. Here they will check the roofs, ceilings, walls, and flooring located in your rooms and bathrooms for mold growth. They will also conduct inspection on your kitchen, basement, attic, and garage to see if there are any signs of mold there as well.
  • In the inspection process, they will conduct a series of tests that include air testing and mold swabbing. These tests are necessary for us to find out the type of mold and exactly how much mold you have present in your home.
  • After they have completed their inspection, our representatives will return back to our office so that they may have their findings delivered to a credited laboratory for further testing. These tests are necessary at finding out exactly what type of mold you have, how much of it is in your home, and the various health complications that they may cause.
  • After the laboratory testing process has been completed, our representatives will then make a complete report which they will give back to you. When they meet with you to report their findings, it is important that you ask them on how to prevent mold from again growing in your home. They will be very happy to answer any questions or clarifications that you may have.

When should you have mold inspection?

Mold inspection should be done at least twice a year. This is especially true when you have a larger home filled with many rooms and bathrooms. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, this is another indication that you should have your home regularly checked.

Another indication that you need to have your home checked is if certain family members start getting respiratory problems, asthma attacks, and sudden skin allergies. These complications can be caused by mold exposure and if you do not have your home immediately inspected, their conditions can worsen. This is why it is of great importance that you consider having mold inspection done on a yearly basis. Contact us now and we will find the mold problems affecting your home.