Why You Need United Philadelphia Mold Inspections

Everybody needs to be aware of the presence of mold in their home. If you have a home of your own and are under the impression that your home is safe, think again. Mold is often hard to find in the sense that you will really need to know where to look for mold. You will also need to know what it looks like, in order to spot them located on or at different areas of your home. This is why many people who wish to make their homes a safer place to live in will hire the services of good and experienced mold inspectors to find mold as well as all of its sources in their home. Finding the source of mold is the most critical part of the inspection process because here the inspectors will know exactly what the causes are and through this, they will formulate a solution by which your home will finally be free of mold.

It is recommended that you do not take mold for granted as this is a health hazard for all who live in a house or building that has mold. These hazards can bring about many health complications to those who are exposed to mold. Get your home tested immediately. If you live in the city of Philadelphia, the best mold inspection service is United Philadelphia Mold Inspections.

Understanding the mold and the danger it presents

Simply put, mold is a fungus. It is a group of micro-enzymes that fall under the fungi kingdom. Mold comes in many colors and shapes that grow and develop inside your home especially when you live in an environment that produces a lot of moisture that gets trapped inside your home. Mold even grows outside your home in areas where there is also a lot of trapped moisture. This fungus is also found in many of the delicious food that you love to eat such as cheese, bread, and truffles. All mold produces spores that when you inhale the spores that grow, this is where health complications can occur.

Health effects of mold exposure

Inhalation exposure to molds can truly cause a lot of negative health effects to people. Mold often produces irritating allergic reactions to many people. The reason for this is because mold has micro-toxins that when inhaled or touched, will affect even those who do not have any pre-existing allergies. These conditions will require immediate hospitalization in order to treat people suffering from them. Other health effects of mold are:

  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Red eyes
  • Skin rashes
  • Weakened respiratory function

Now that you have an idea of just how serious mold exposure can be, you will want to consider immediately hiring a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals to inspect your home for mold.

Our services

Mold inspection is our service. When you call on us to inspect your homes for mold, we will tackle this matter by immediately scheduling an appointment with you so that we can find all forms of mold in your home. Our experienced representatives all have the required certification to inspect each and every part of your home for any signs of mold. As we find those signs, we further our investigation by locating its source. Our inspection process is as follows:

  • After arriving on the premises, our representatives will ask you a series of required questions such as the history of your home, people who have lived there, and material used at building your home. These questions are essential at our representatives’ inspection process, which may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of your home.
  • Our representatives will then proceed to each and every room inside your home to conduct visual inspections. They will even conduct inspection outside of your home if you have a garden or a garage. Through the visual inspection, they will be able to already see visible mold on your ceiling, walls, and floors.
  • To aid our representatives at conducting a thorough inspection of your home, they will be making use of various tools and mold tests to comprehensively test the type of mold in your home.
  • After the inspection has been concluded, our representatives will gather all of their equipment and proceed to an accredited laboratory to begin testing their findings.
  • The laboratory testing process normally takes a day or two depending on how much there is to test. After the testing process is completed, our representatives will then proceed to make a comprehensive report which they will give back to you.
  • In this report, you will know exactly what type of mold is found in your home. It is recommended that you inquire from our representatives about the preventative measures that you can do to prevent mold from re-occurring in your home.

The worst part about mold is that you may not know it but the level of mold in your home could already be at a progressed stage. This is the stage wherein some of your family members are getting ill and you do not know what is causing it. Have your home inspected for mold immediately. The whole inspection process takes a very short time and you will be thankful that you had the process done in your home.